Avoid Passive Language

Passive language can be very awkward and dense and long-winded again there’s a caveat here in your discipline if passive language is much more common then obviously you want to use that but try and reduce the amount of passive language that you used I want to move on to different abstract styles here because there are different ways of writing the abstracts and this particular article that I have up here shows 13 ways to write an abstract I’m just going to show you the three three or four the most common and in this particular article where you see the abstract there is the most common form of abstract it’s called the block abstract where there are no paragraphs where there are no paragraphs it’s just one paragraph one block paragraph. Get to know more about essay language and it`s importance at Edusson.

That’s generally the way abstracts are presented the structured abstract is something that’s becoming much more popular and here’s the abstract from the paper that I wrote that came out of that conference presentation although I didn’t present it at the conference I decided not to go but this was the actual paper now and you can see if you compare it that this one is much more specific because I’ve now actually done the work and the structured abstract you will usually have headings and you have to write according to those headings but what one thing I wanted to point out although here there is no heading called problem you can see that under originality and value I have inserted the problem in there so the components that I’ve shown you are all in there Bette’s they have been worked into the headings ok graphical abstracts so those of you who are in the sciences will probably have more tables and maybe some graphics in your abstracts it’s not unusual to have a table in an abstract in the sciences again have a look at examples of abstracts in your discipline that will give you an indication of what is valued and what people are using this is a particular kind of abstract.

Where the stay is shown in visual form so this what I’ve put up here is the actual abstract it’s very hard to understand if you’re not part of that specialized community but obviously if you are part of that community then you know exactly what’s going on something that’s becoming much more popular tweetable abstracts and this is where you present your research in 140 characters or less and you probably know a lot more about this than I do but anyway think about that another type of abstract that’s becoming very popular is video abstracts if you want to know more about this you just need to google video abstracts it’ll take you to publishers websites where there are instructions on how to produce video abstracts if you search YouTube you’ll find them what I’ve put up here as an example of a video abstract I must say I find them very appealing I’m not quite sure where when I would find the time to do one but hopefully one day I will but I think it’s a very exciting way to present an abstract.