How To Reduce Wordiness

You have more chances to confuse the reader if there’s a lot of word if there are a lot of words and you’re not saying much first of all you have more chances to make mistakes in terms of grammar or vocabulary derp is not sure what is the point of your writing okay so what do we need to do we need to have very tight sentences that contain a lot of information in them and I’m going to show you some steps some things you can do to your sentences to reduce wordiness to tighten up your sentences okay so here are nine things we’re going to be looking at and I’m going to here show you examples for these number one avoid the passive the passive voice tends to use more words okay that’s one thing. Learn more about how to make your sentences more tight on Robotdon.

Secondly active verbs are more powerful than passive verbs they have a much stronger effect or emphasis or basically they drive the idea or they drive their writing further along quicker okay so avoid the passive you can use the passive there is a purpose for it make sure you’re using it appropriately and that’ll be a separate lesson of course avoid or minimize sentences starting with it is it is important that somebody or it is important to or it is believed that people love to use this nothing wrong with it but don’t use more than one of these structures in your essay it is important that it is believed that it is crucial that okay understandable but you can save this you can grasp or you can convey these ideas without using this structure you can do them much more effectively and I’ll show you that as well use pronouns not enough people use pronouns they just repeat the noun again and again instead of having a pronoun to refer to the person the thing the place etc okay whenever possible use verbs rather than nouns verbs contain more information in them and they move the writing along much more quickly and again I’ll show you examples remove any unnecessary words.

Word that don’t add anything take them out especially things like conjunction that whenever you have a vat that you can take out take it out it has no purpose it doesn’t add anything to the writing okay we’ll see examples use different parts of speech if you’re writing something that uses a noun and a preposition and whatever squeeze them all into one verb if you can use verbs use adjectives adverbs prepositions pronouns you have lots of options when it comes to parts of speech use as many of them as you can and make your sentences tighter that way as well use synonyms if you’re using a three or four words to express one idea and there’s a one word that basically means the same thing it’s a synonym to this idea use the one word if you can say something in three words don’t use five if you can say say it in two don’t use four etc.