Rebounds Used Books & Teacher Supply

Rebounds is located at 110 Four Seasons Center in Chesterfield in the shopping center near Olive and 141. They are in the shopping center closer to Brunswick Bowling than the Dierbergs, and just a few doors down from the Medicine Shoppe.

It’s been open for about a year as of this month actually, and prides itself on being a great discount shop for teachers and educators.

When you walk in, the store is a wide space made of mainly three wide aisles of books consisting of a mix of different sized shelves and racks. Definitely a browser’s paradise without being too crowded!

The first row to the right starts with Dieting and Cookbooks, probably a seasonal section. Several shelves of romance follow, leading into fiction and mystery.

I noticed that within each genre, there was a clearly defined breakdown by subject matter thanks to neatly labeled shelves. Romance consisted of historical, contemporary, and so on. Fiction was broken down into historical, mystery, etc.

The next aisle behind you is mostly Contemporary Literature, curving around into the next aisle and turning into Sci Fi, Fantasy, and a small bit of Horror.

As you go up the 2nd aisle, the fictional subjects are even broken down into Adventure and Espionage. The opposite side is Biography, also broken down into smaller subjects as well.

There’s a small section of coffee table and Pet/Animal books at the end of the 2nd aisle with more nonfiction on the last aisle that frames the opposite wall. Classics and Teen/YA make up the inside of the third aisle with Parenting, History, Spiritual/Religion, and Business taking up the wall of the last aisle.

Each aisle end at about the middle of the store leaving a large space open in the back which is a hodge-podge of teacher supplies: sheet music, activity books, book with toy, DVDs, VHS tapes, young reader, picture books, musical instruments, blocks, cut outs and much more. I gave it all a quick browse, but I’m sure if I was a teacher I’d been in heaven.

The educational atmosphere of the store is very prominent with cutouts and signage hanging everywhere. Like I said, genres and subjects are clearly labeled including their price guide which I saw throughout the store making pricing on books easy to find. I learned you can even rent books here for just 50 cents a day.

They also have special discounts for teachers: Receive $1 off any purchase of $10, or $5 off any purchase of $25.

My only problem with the store is that I was the only customer in the store while visiting, and the one employee working stood behind the cash register and never spoke to me. I was in the store for at least fifteen minutes, browsing each aisle, but she never said hello. And she didn’t even speak when I left. So, you know what that means. Sadly, I did not make a purchase. I was very disappointed too because I had already found two hardcover books that I would have purchased had the employee just even said hello.

Would I visit the store again? Absolutely! If I was in the area and had time to make a stop. But this isn’t a store I would make a regular or special trip to unless maybe I was a teacher in need of bargains.

Great little store!  Great selection! But no service. ;-(