The Most Interesting About The Last Legion Part 1

Title: The Last Legion

Author: Chris Bunch

Publish Date: 1999

Publisher: Penguin Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Spaceships, Space Travel, Armed Conflict, Alien Worlds, Aliens, Advanced Weapons, Castes, war games, Pirates, Military Life, Riots, Advanced Technology, Romance, Space Empires, Underground Resistance, Terrorism


Plot Summary:

Out on the fringes of the human Confederation Empire, on a planet called D-Cumbre that borders an alien civilization, the military force stationed there is cut off from the Confederation and very much isolated.

Three recruits have arrived after escaping from their troop transport after it was hijacked by members of the military from the local protectorate, and they find their way into the center of the conflict between the local army and the rebellious lower class ‘Raum.

Garvin Jaansma and Njangu Yoshitaro are the newest of the new recruits. They work together as their encounter with the rebels becomes more and more deadly. During a war games demonstration for the elite upper-class of the planet, the rebels show just how deadly they can be.

Garvin and Njangu are on the spot when the rebels attack the observers as they sit in the bleachers, showing no mercy. They’re able to suppress a complete slaughter and drive the surviving rebels away.

But then Garvin is on a patrol over a ‘Raum sanctuary and his aircraft is shot down, dropping him into the midst of the rebel stronghold. Now Njangu must go into the enclave to rescue his friend, against all odds, as a deserter.



D-Cumbre is the fourth planet of the Cumbre Planetary system and it is colonized by humans. An alien race has control of the Highlands area of the largest island on the planet at one of the poles, with the humans controlling the rest of that island and the other islands of the planet.

Strike Force Swift Lance is the garrisoned military unit on D-Cumbre and is in need of replacements, supplies, and parts from the confederation homeworld. When the transport ship carrying those goods and replacements is hijacked, sneaky recruits escape and wind up on D-Cumbre and begin their lives in the Force, charged with keeping the peace in this remote star system.

Garvin Jaansma and Njangu Yoshitaro are quick to learn the ways of the Force and learn about the ‘Raum lower class. The ‘Raum are rebels, believing that they are meant to be the rulers and their leadership uses any and all means of terror to thwart the balance of power.

That’s where Garvin and Njangu get mixed into the mess. They find themselves in the middle of the rebellion when the attack craft Garvin is riding in is shot down while patrolling a ‘Raum refuge within the capital city of Leggett. To protect him, the Force puts out the word that he’s a deserter and a traitor.

Njangu must go in under the same kind of cover to try and rescue his friend. But, there’s a problem with that. One of the ‘Raum that Garvin was with was also one of the men that Garvin had beat up when the ‘Raum had tried to kidnap him to get information.

The ‘Raum did not trust either one of them… at all.